Ahtoo is the elder sister of Malee. She is nine years old and in Grade 2 this year. Her parents got into serious debt, so abandoned the kids to seek work in Bangkok. She came with her sisters Guy and Malee and her brother John. She has a sponsor John and Maria Vorster from Australia.


Bekah was born in Kanchanaburi, two days after her mother walked in from Burma, six-months pregnant and bleeding. Bekah weighed just 950 grams. Her mother was discharged after three days and left the baby at the hospital. Bekah has health issues to overcome, but is active, alert and a quiet mischief maker. She has Vanessa Manchester from Hong Kong as a sponsor.


This baby girl was born as her mother died of a stroke. Her older sister tried to care for her for 3 months, but the baby lost weight. Finally the sister abandoned her. The father has not been seen since the funeral of the mother. She will have repair surgery on 30 January 2017. She is sponsored by Marilyn Reyes from Macau.


Cha is the younger sister of Kiwi. She was staying with her mother previously, but had little support. She is sponsored by Solomon and his family from Hong Kong this year.


Dokmai was abandoned at birth at Kanchanaburi Hospital. She is a talkative seven year old who speaks three languages. Dokmai has outgrown early immunity issues that made her susceptible to illness early on, and is now a delightful presence at Bamboo School. Her new sponsors are Adolf and Suree Leeman from Switzerland.


Dowltong is here as parents are not able to take care of her and give her education. She has three other siblings. Dowltong wants to get a better education.


Duan came with her father in March 2016, because she could not complete school in their village. She brought her friend. After just a month, her father was killed in a drunk driver accident. She has overcome the loneliness and developed friendships within the school. Her sponsor was her father, until he died. Her new sponsor is Heidi Olson from USA. She is in first year high school.


Ehliku came to Bamboo School after her father died in Burma. She is extremely bright, scoring 3.95 GPA in her second year of school. Ehliku is Elidarku’s older sister and Mortha’s niece. She is sponsored by Sue and Tim Sherwan from Timaru.


A month after Elidarku and her sister, Ehliku, came to Bamboo School, word arrived that their baby brother had drowned. Elidarku was withdrawn for months. She is sponsored by Tasman and Ming from Hong Kong.

Gun ya paw

Gun ya paw’s parents have separated and her mum has to work in Bangkok.


Guy is a natural leader, older sister to Malee and Ahtoo. Her parents had sent her to work in Bangkok, but she came back to give her mother her earnings and wants to complete school. She will be in Grade 5 this year. She needed a sponsor and friend to show interest in education to get her through school… She has John and Maria Vorster from Australia as her sponsors.


Kiwi has recently come to Bamboo school from a dysfunctional family. She is now in Grade 9. She is a bright happy girl and she is sponsored by Roland and his family from China / Switzerland.


Luxmee is a happy ten year old Burmese girl. She came this year with her two brothers, Kumar and Dhoni. Her mother came to Muek Lek to work and sent money back for the children. However their father abandoned them in the village. Although she has completed some schooling in Burma, she has to start in Grade 1 this year. She has a sponsor, Mr Jag from Muek Lek.


Malee is a 7 year old girl from the local village. Her parents got into serious debt, so abandoned the kids to seek work in Bangkok. She came with her sisters Guy and Ahtoo and her brother John. She will start Grade 1 at Bong Ti Bonn this year. She has a sponsor of John and Maria Vorster from Australia.


Mortha came to Bamboo School in 2008 after her father died and her mother could not educate her in Burma. She is in High School 1 at Bong Ti Bonn School, loves to care for the babies, and shows a good attitude towards discipline. She is sponsored by Laura in Australia.


Mumu was brought to Bamboo School in January 2015 after her father killed her mother in a drunken rage. She is an eight year old twin to Bor Kwar. She cut her hair off to look like a boy, as she didn’t want to be separated from her brother. ( I was fooled for the first day). She will start her new schooling at Bong Ti Bonn in Grade 1. She has new sponsors of Ellen and Ruthie from North Carolina, USA.


Neen comes from a single parent family with a lack of money to buy any food. She has two other sisters.


Nor came with Duan. Her mother is a solo parent and works with her uncle. She has not settled quickly, but she now has made friends within the school. She is a hardworking helpful girl. She is in grade 8, second year high school and doing well at school. She is sponsored by Heidi Olson from USA.


Por-Par-Too is the youngest child in La-You family.. She is in kindergarten and has just turned six. he is sponsored by Dr Bryan from Hong Kong.


Ratree is from Thailand. She is here for better literacy. She wants to find a better job in future.


Siriwan came from Burma 7 years ago. She enjoys school and is an industrious girl of 17 years. She has completed First Responder training. She dreams of going back to Burma. Her sponsors are Shirley and Steve Rees.

Soy Fah

Soy Fah was abandoned in the toilet pan at birth, on June 16, 2013. Neighbors discovered her some hours later, and we took her to the hospital. The high level of infection caused cataracts and cornea scarring, leaving her blind. Ipswich Rotary Club sponsored surgery to repair her left eye, and further surgery is scheduled.


Stardowl is from Mymmar and her parents are unable to look after her after their divorce. She lives on her own and she cannot go to school until she went to Bamboo school. She wants to work on her literacy in English.

Thway Paw

Thway Paw is the older daughter of a Burmese family. In 2013, after her mother was admitted to hospital, her father and his sons could not care for her, so she was welcomed by Bamboo School. She now has a sponsor of Roland Marcz and his family from Switzerland.


Tinaporn is an 8 year old sister of Doi Dtoon and Pee Moo. She has some emotional issues which indicate serious child abuse. She is in a special class at Bong Ti Bonn school. She has sponsors Tina and James Miller from Hong Kong.


Wasana does not live with her parents. She lives here and she wants to get better literacy in English.


Ying’s single mother is unable to cope with Ying. Ying has two other sisters. Ying is here to get more knowledge.



Thway Paw is the older daughter of a Burmese family. In 2013, after her mother was admitted to hospital, her father and his sons could not care for her, so she was welcomed by Bamboo School. She now has a sponsor of Roland Marcz and his family from Switzerland.


Arrow comes from a Burmese village without schools. His grandmother requested we took care of him for education as his parents have abandoned him.. He is eight years old, starting Grade 1. He is sponsored by Marianne and Lasse Eriksson from Sweden.


Blue came to Bamboo School in 2014. There are no schools in his village. His parents take care of Parkay’s young half brother. When Parkay learnt this, he walked back into Burma to see for himself. Blue is sponsored by Terry Ryan from New Zealand.

Bor Kwar

Bor Kwar is the twin brother to Mumu. He is still struggling with the death of his mother, the violence within his home and the safety of Bamboo School. He will start Grade 1 this year. He is very happy to know he has sponsor from USA, Darren and Cambria Sims.

Che Toolay

Che Toolay came with Blue from his village. Extreme Poverty means the families eat once a day and cannot attend school. He is 8 years old and he will start in Grade 1. He has a new sponsor from Hong Kong, Moriah & Karine Howard.

Dah Por

Dah Por comes from the village of Mittya, Burma. There is no school in the village and there are many children in his family. The mother is a widow. He will start in Grade 1 This year he is 11 years old. He has sponsors from Hong Kong, James and Tina Miller.

Dee Dee

Dee Dee is also known at school as Dee Por is an extremely small 7 year old. He has a huge scar across his head and seems a happy child. He makes friends easily and looks up to Parkay his brother. He will start Grade 1 this year. He has a new sponsor from Hong Kong, Moriah & Karine Howard.

Doi Dtoon

Doi Dtoon is brother of Dueng Dem. Their mother came seeking help because she is alone, without support. She works in a remote village, growing vegetables for the local market. This boy is tender-hearted especially toward Soy Fah.. He is 11 years old, and he is in Grade 2. He has Heidi Hoogmartens as his sponsor.

Eh dor too

Ehdortoo is the younger brother of LahYou. He is an aggressive boy, who is often in trouble. He is in grade 1 at school. His sponsor is Dr Bryan from Hong Kong.


Ehkada is from Mymmar. He has a sick brother and father who are unable to take care of him. Ehkada came to Bamboo school to get a better education. His dream is to write and read Thai and English.

Johann (John-Boy)

Johann was born to a prostitute, by a Thai soldier. The husband was in the refugee camp, unaware. She abandoned him at Bamboo School, leaving him blind, deaf and with cerebral palsy. Now as a eleven year old, he is walking , and is an active child. He is sponsored again this year by Robert and Cindy Stevenson of Hong Kong.


John came with his three sisters, to continue his education while the parents sought out their debt problems. His school records show he is a good scholar, and he is industrious. Already he has volunteered for the ambulance team. He is twelve years old, in Grade 4. He has new sponsors to help, John and Maria Vorster from Australia.


Julytoo came in May 2015 to start school for the first time. He is eleven years old, a brother of November Too. His village has no school available. His father is dead and his mother alone. He is sponsored by Sam and Cay P from USA.

Kumar and Dhoni

Kumar and his little brother were abandoned but the father while the mother was working in Thailand. Kumar is a very intelligent 14 year old. Dhoni is a spoilt little brother, dependent on his siblings for every thing. According to his birth certificate he is already 7 years old. These boys are sponsored by Mr Jake from Muak Lek.

La You

The mother of this child brought him plus three siblings to Bamboo School in April, saying she could not take care alone of the 4 siblings. He had been to a school in the refugee camp previously. The grandparents live in the district. He is a good guitar player and has some English background. He is sponsored by Dr Bryan from Hong Kong.


Laybwaymoo's mother is aged, his father dead. He started school this year upon his arrival, so he is nine years old, in grade 1. He is very shy, but enjoys life here. His mother wants to volunteer at Bamboo School during 2017. He is sponsored by Mary Lee Grant, USA.


Lukah comes from a village without education in Myanmar. His mother is alone as his father is dead. He is 14 years old and keen to learn. His sponsor is Karen Kennedy from NZ.


Moremorechore is a child of an affair. His parents reconciled, prior to his mother’s death from leukemia. His step father did not want him, so he came to Bamboo School aged 8 months. He is now 8 years old, attending Bong Ti Bonn School in Grade 3.. He is sponsored by Janelle Bocala from Australia.


Narwe lives with uncle but uncle cannot afford education. Parents are not able to help.


Parkay came 3 years ago after his mother was raped and his father was killed by the Burmese Junta. Parkay and his older brother were brought here by an uncle. He was told his mother lived last June, so he ran away to find her. He has come back, bringing his little brother, Dee Por with him. He has Laura Strawbridge from NZ as a sponsor.

Pee Moo

Pee Moo is brother to DoiToon. He is eight years old, twin of Tinaporn. The father has taken a new wife, back to Myanmar and the mother does casual work to support herself. This boy helps take care of Johann. He is in Grade 1. His sponsor is Naphat Nedparsom from Bangkok.


Siwichai joined us this year after he finished Junior high school. His family can not afford any further education. He wants to undertake studies on motor mechanics and first responder, so he can help in the ambulance services for the community.


Zac was born to a 13 year old Thai girl. She tried to abort him, so he was born prematurely, with a heart defect. He is now in Grade 4 at Thai school. He is sponsored through Dr. Stephen Hamra USA.

Other Bamboo School Kids

ArpisitArpisit is continuing at Rajpaht University to train as a teacher. He has been sponsored by Jennifer and David Swinehart from Hong Kong, and helped by a scholarship from Bracket Foundation.

ChokdeeChokdee is cousin to Lukai and Wongduang. He came to Bamboo School after his father died from TB in 2007. Chokdee has completed his degree at Rajphat University at Kanchanaburi training in business management. His sponsor was Arthur Ordlehede from USA. However he has made a decision to come home to Bamboo School to help.

DarkuDarku comes from the village Pilokee,. He has undertaken EMT Training. And now he attends Rajhpat University at Chomboon to study Public Health. He won a Bracket Foundation Scholarship. This year he received his full Thai ID papers.

MuwaiMuwai has his Thai ID and his Thai driver’s licence. He is in his final year of Medical Doctor Degree in Manila , partly sponsored by Max and Carijo Hammonds, USA.

NargeyNargey is hoping to finish Grade 12 this year, and then go to Technical college to train as a mechanic. He has an offer of a Brackett foundation scholarship.

NeetiNeeti is attending Ramkhamhaeng University in Bangkok.

PorsuePorsue is trying to go to university this year. He has consistantly worked during the holidays to generate income to cover his fees, but he still doesn’t have enough. He has sponsors Darren and Cambria from USA.

WaterlilyWaterlily is starting university this year, to study accounting. She needs a sponsor for 10,000 baht per semester.

Married or working people

Bilay and Paw Eh SahLay Pastor, Ratchaburi

Bulartoo and DangFishermen at Chomburi

DarkuWorking in Bangkok

Dong and TuletooLay Pastor at Refugee Camp, Ratchaburi

KumTranslator for UN in Mae Sot

LeedaElephant Park worker, Sai Yok

LukaiEngineering Bangkok

MaleeNurse at Bong Ti Clinic

Mosa ChitER Nurse at Mission Hospital, Bangkok

NaSkin Care consultant, Nakhon Pratum

Nigh and Ice CreanaLay Pastor, Ratchaburi

QuarlarSecurity guard in Bangkok

SomseeKindergarten teacher, Ekamai International School, Bangkok

SrisookTeacher in Bong Ti Bonn

WittyaIT teacher, Ekamai International School, Bangkok

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